Ana’s Summer Camps

Today I’m going to talk about  summer camps.
Summer camps are a great way to do various activities, sports and meet new people different from us.
There are several types of summer camps for all tastes: activities summer camps, academic summer camps, summer language camps, summer arts camps, summer technological camps and summer photography camps .
In these summer camps, you can do many different activities such as: archery, rope-climbing, climbing, parachuting, canoeing, raft construction, box climbing, orienteering, basketball, soccer, cricket, rugby, hockey and in some camps You can also swim in summer. You can also do other different activities such as: cultural games, arts, music, dance and language instruction (the most common is English).
In the summer camps you also make new friends, you know new cultures, have fun!
I have no experience of summer camps, but I think it’s a lot of fun!
My favorite type of summer camps are the summer arts camps because you can experience many types of arts such as: dance, music, drawing. But I also like the summer photography camps.
And you, what is your favorite type of Summer Camps? Why?


Ana G.

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