Ana’s Summer Camps

Today I’m going to talk about  summer camps.
Summer camps are a great way to do various activities, sports and meet new people different from us.
There are several types of summer camps for all tastes: activities summer camps, academic summer camps, summer language camps, summer arts camps, summer technological camps and summer photography camps .
In these summer camps, you can do many different activities such as: archery, rope-climbing, climbing, parachuting, canoeing, raft construction, box climbing, orienteering, basketball, soccer, cricket, rugby, hockey and in some camps You can also swim in summer. You can also do other different activities such as: cultural games, arts, music, dance and language instruction (the most common is English).
In the summer camps you also make new friends, you know new cultures, have fun!
I have no experience of summer camps, but I think it’s a lot of fun!
My favorite type of summer camps are the summer arts camps because you can experience many types of arts such as: dance, music, drawing. But I also like the summer photography camps.
And you, what is your favorite type of Summer Camps? Why?


Ana G.

Inês’s Time of Freedom


The most memorable moment of my holidays was when I went to Aquashow,because my family and I had great fun.

My worst day was the last day because I wanted my holidays to last forever.

The people I met last summer were some girls from the theatre and some people that were spending their vacations with us and they were also the people I spent most time with. Together we made a movie about a ghost. we listened to music and we walked on the beach.

I want my future summer to be  like this summer because I love it!!!

Ana’s Time of Freedom

The most memorable event of my holidays was when my uncle, my aunt and my cousin travelled to Portugal because they live in Finland and I had not seen them for a year.
The worst day of my holidays was when my grandfather died, I was very sad because I really liked my grandfather. But I also got sad when my family went back again to Finland.
Last summer I met some new friends and spent some of my vacation time with them and my other friends.
In the future I would like to go to Finland to spend time with my family, but I would also like to go to Brazil.