Inês’s Favourite Places To Visit

One of my favourite places to visit in Portugal is Fatima because the landscapes are beautiful .

I would like to see the Mira d’ Aire Caves. Despite a 110 meter drop from the entrance, they’re well lit (there are about 3,000 lamps) and have a pleasant temperature (they are always around 17 degrees inside, summer and winter).That the stalagmites (growth from the bottom up) and the stalactites (growth from top to bottom) take thousands of years to grow, it gives much to think about when looking at all those magnificent formations.





Ana’s Favourite Places to visit in Portugal

One of my favorite places in Portugal is Tomar. I like Tomar because it is a beautiful place and has many interesting historic buildings, especially the Tomar Castle which is very beautiful and the Convent of Christ which is also very interesting. These are very important places for me because just seeing their landscapes brings back lovely memories . Another place I like to visit is Porto because it is where one of my aunts lives and also because it is a very beautiful place to visit.